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again.. nufin new

2008-08-25 15:25:54 by sherbetproductions

no new anims,

score still at 75%

no prejects running currently

life a glitch


2008-08-23 11:23:47 by sherbetproductions

superstar animation finished and submitted
scrapped the bananna phone animation

3/4 anims blammed
brings my total to
75% passed

sprited animation


nothing new really

2008-08-22 15:46:19 by sherbetproductions

no new submission

2/3 submissions passed


bannana phone anim (about 3 percent done)
sprited animation (on hold)
super star animation (8 percent done)

anyone up for a collaberation?
im good with scripting

hey guys

2008-08-21 07:58:56 by sherbetproductions

i now have 2 out of 3 of my flashes passed

which now brings my total to

66.6% passed.

working on projects

bannana phone project
sprited animation (8 bit link vs 8 bit sonic)

thanks for reading


2008-08-16 11:12:07 by sherbetproductions

wow, my first unblammed submission... sweeeeeeet


2008-07-12 10:35:53 by sherbetproductions

the skating anim is on hold due to technical difficulties, BUT, im currently working on a few other anims, including the eddsworld competition entry.


2008-07-11 12:56:58 by sherbetproductions

hii guys, sherbet here. im currently working on a skating animation, i just hope that because stick figures is my style that i dont get blamed. anyway, im looking through the portal for a good song, and i think i found one, ><.

gonna make a few entrys soon, hope you like my entry in the collab (it pretty much sucked)